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We launched Bag a Bouquet because:

  • It is hard work looking through numerous websites in search of the perfect bouquet
  • It is even harder to know where to look next if the few florists you know don't fit the brief
  • And harder still, if you want to send something - but that something isn't flowers

Bag a Bouquet aims to be the home for customers to come to when they want to discover, buy and send all kinds of bouquets across Australia. We have worked hard to build a platform that supports local suppliers by giving them a storefront to list their own creative designs and allows customers to find them by searching by the delivery code. We don’t need to tell you this country has great florists and bouquet creations. But to show you where they are, what their making and where they deliver to.

Why Shop on Bag a Bouquet:

If you’ve been having difficulties with finding the right bouquet, then Bag a Bouquet is the solution you seek. We offer a marketplace of some of the most talented and creative bouquet suppliers from your neighbourhood and the cities around you.
When you search for creations to your desired destination you are able to filter your product options into different categories and are sure to find the perfect bouquet you are looking for.