It is time that time of year again when we want to escape the chilly winter air and squeeze all the warmth we can out of our creature comforts. Head for your favourite books and movies and wrap yourself up in cosy blankets whilst surrounding yourself with warm and welcoming fragrances. And what better fragrance is there than the aroma of flowers.

Many plants stop flowering during winter but that does not mean your garden, your home or even your office have to be flower-less in the crisp months. Sure, winter means icy chills and snappy winds, but with it comes some beautiful blooms.

Here we delve into some of the most popular winter flowers which are unexpectedly befitting for weddings… that’s if you’re brave enough to get married in winter.


The hyacinth grows from a bulb. There are four to six long straight leaves and one to three spikes of flowers in each bulb. Available in white, blue, pink, purple, peach and lemon, this flower is stunning in a wedding bouquet or vase at home as the centre piece. Occasionally sold with the bulb, they will last longer, but otherwise make sure you change the water every second day to increase their vitality. 

Sweet Peas

Honestly, what could be more precious and elegant than the sweet pea? Perfect for the weddingbouquet they are stunning tied as posies. With their crumpled appearance they come in some breathtaking colours – cream with a purple fringe, pink, mauve, purple and red. They add subtlety to any bouquet.


Stocks are a favourite in winter bouquets as table centres and look beautiful in larger arrangements. With very thick stems just two or three are refreshingly modern in a vase on their lonesome. Their size and condition change throughout the season but thick stems equals fresh florets.


The helleborus flowers are so delicate and buttercup-like they appear as if they’re hand painted. Infact, they are quite a stunning finishing on a cake, although of course not edible. Available in green, pink, mauve, maroon and black, they are filled with speckles, veins and complementary colours. Sadly, their vase life is short so probably not a great idea if you want your bouquet to last more than a few days. They work well sprinkled through garden posies.


Unbeknownst to those brown thumbs amongst us, tulips are like the beanstalk in Jack and the Beanstalk. They continue to grow even after you’ve trimmed their stems. Placed amongst other flowers they are too eager to be the tallest wallflower in the arrangement and bend their heads as they inch upwards. They are, however, quite beautiful in their maroon, black, purple, white, cream and yellow varieties.

Blushing Bride

A winter wedding is not a wedding without a blushing bride. Native to South Africa, this elegant bloom is long lasting. In white with slight pink and green hues, they can complete a wedding bouquet with their intriguing almost furry texture.

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