We are thrilled to sharing an interview with our first Featured Florist and Bag a Bouquet Supplier Sir Botanical. A newly launched Perth based Florist specialising in weddings, events and now delivering their beautiful bunches through our marketplace!

1.    When did you launch Sir Botanical and tell us a little bit about your Company?

Sir Botanical was officially launched in Jan 2018, we had started the concept a little before then, but went in guns blazing at the beginning of the year! We are a florist based in Fremantle, WA and are growing our brand to include both flower deliveries as well as weddings and events. We LOVE moody, dramatic blooms that are a little different!

 2.    What is your favourite part about being a Florist?

We love working with nature and flowers, there is something therapeutic about working its all-natural materials and being able to step back after creating an arrangement and saying ‘hey, we did that!’

3.    What top 3 instagram accounts are you following for inspiration? 


We think its important to not just look to other florists for inspiration, but photography, and design in general.

 4.    What flowers are you loving at the moment and why?

A classic garden rose is ALWAYS an important flower. We find that our faves change from season to season though. We can always get around hydrangea, poppies and natives

 5.    What is the biggest lesson you've learnt so far, and would pass along to other new florists just getting started? 

Stick in there! We are still a super new business and its tough starting out, but if you can put in the effort early to lay solid foundations for the future then you can’t go wrong! Also put yourself out there and introduce yourselves to other creatives in the industry that you feel are a good match to your brand, other small businesses can be super supportive and its always important to have as MANY friends as you possibly can.

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