Picture being sat at your office desk. It is 10am. You suddenly remember it is your mum’s birthday and you are going there for dinner tonight. You don’t have a present and the thought of snapping up some last-minute measly flowers that look as dejected as you will feel when you hold them up to her awkward smile fills you with dread. To make matters worse, your boss dumps piles of reports on your desk to be completed by close of business. You don’t have time for a five-minute lunch, let alone time to trawl through pages and pages of online florists for that perfect bouquet. Now you just want to push the panic button.

The One Stop Shop

Then, you have a lightbulb moment. Bag a Bouquet. The one stop shop to finding those flawless blooms is just a few mouse-clicks away. The ‘Foodora for flowers’ with a process not unlike UberEats, Bag a Bouquet offers a platform for local florists to list their goods on so that customers can compare blooms from a mixed bag of florists simultaneously. Piece of cake. Customers simply key in the postcode or suburb they wish to send flowers to and there you have it, a sweeping range of bouquets pops up, each connected to their respective florist. And if you are scraping by just before pay day, you can filter by price too. So, no need to go through website upon website to find that beautiful gift your mum will beam at. To order through Bag a Bouquet takes less than five minutes, so you can get those reports done, easy peasy.

Flowers Anywhere In Australia 

This simple but unique flower delivery business enables anyone, from the busy parent to the corporate worker up to their ears in paperwork, to send flowers from most cities within Australia. A beautiful bunch of lush flowers can say so many things and is the perfect remedy to brightening anyone’s day. No more hanging on the phone, waiting to see if your preferred bunch is in stock. Send some Sedums by Bloomin Boxes to your best friend if you’re in Perth; some beautiful roses by The Flower Shed to your partner ‘just because’ if you’re in Melbourne; or even some Thank You chocolates by Lollylicious in Sydney to that workmate who covered for you when you took a cheeky long lunch.

From the Reception Desk to the Restaurant

Want to add a splash of colour to your reception desk? From colourful and lush to fashionably elegant, Bag a Bouquet’s florists can wow any reception area with their indulgent blooms. Choose flowers for their indoor hardiness and charm. Search through the outstretched list, which coexists with stunning photos, for blooms to suit your office style and budget. Perhaps your company has a special event planned or you need some last-minute flowers to charm the pants off a potential client. Bag a Bouquet is here to pander to your every flowery need with our Corporate Flowers service.

The sky’s the limit with what you can do with a beautiful flower arrangement to welcome any environment. Simply fill in your requirements and we will tap into our Supplier network and come back to you with quotes and images from florists who can fulfil your needs saving you and your staff time and money at no extra charge.

When it comes to your flower needs, you won’t ever need to hit that panic button again. Bag a Bouquet will cater for your every occasion and in any setting.