Are you looking at becoming a florist and are unsure of what courses and schools to start looking at for your studies?

A career in floristry can stem from a wide range of experience from on the job training, certificates, diplomas and workshops.

Developing a solid foundation of learning by achieving the knowledge and skills through applied experience and proper training is recommended.

We have put together a number of Schools across Australia that some of our suppliers attended and are certainly worth taking a look at. Also see what a few of the Bag a Bouquet suppliers have to say about their experience and advice for someone looking to start in the industry. 


Pearsons School of Floristry

Darlinghurst, NSW

Pearsons School of Floristry offer you the opportunity to explore your creativity with their Short Courses for Fun; you can start your floristry career with SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry; or hone your design skills through their Master Class program.

They are an award-winning, ASQA accredited training organisation, renowned in the industry for delivering inspiring and innovative experiences for each and every student.  

Pearsons School of Floristry has trained over 1,500 florists - many of who are rocking the flower world. Their workshops and short courses have been a hit! 

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“The Pearsons School of Floristry is highly professional and offers a wide selection of courses. We learnt from enthusiastic and talented teachers and worked with fabulous flowers. We gained both practical skills and theoretical knowledge that prepared us well to buy our own floral business and to make a smooth transition from corporate life into the floral industry.”

Pure Flowers

“I Completed the Certificate III in Floristry at Pearsons School of Floristry. The course suited me as I was able to complete the Certificate 1 day a week over the course of the year as I had small children at the time. Behind the school is Peasrons Florist which has been established for over 45 years with several retail stores across Sydney in which they can offer work experience and employment for students. The Certificate III gives a good basis for you to enter the flower industry in which you can build on with shop and event experience.”

Petal and Pod



Sydney, NSW

TAFE NSW Floristry Courses are formulated to equip you with the practical skills and background knowledge you need to accomplish communicative, critical business tasks within any organisation.

A floristry course can lead to a number of job opportunities, from arranging bouquets as a florist assistant to crunching numbers owning a small floristry business. Qualifications in floristry can lead to a job as a florist, florist assistant, florist business manager or florist business owner.

Whether you're just starting out in your floristry career, want to gain more qualifications, add to your previous experience, or simply broaden your horizons, TAFE NSW offers a wide variety of courses at a number of levels to suit you. TAFE courses in the area include Floristry, Agriculture and Floristry (Assistant).

Courses & fees:

Full Fee: $7,930.00
36 weeks 

Full Fee: $9,110.00
2 years 

Full Fee: $4,810.00
1 semester

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"Nothing can beat what you learn when working in the industry, however, in my experience people who study floristry as well tend to progress at a much faster pace. All experience is helpful, and the private courses such as Pearson's School of Floristry give a good overview and introduction to the industry. I find also that the old school approach at TAFE provides a very solid grounding and strong framework for people wanting to make a career in floristry. But it's important to work hard at it and get as much as you can from the course”

Jodie McGregor Flowers

"I studied at a school no longer operating. What I would say is learning the skill set from industry professionals isn’t always a must but as floristry is all about being creative, however there are certain skill sets that essential to becoming a good quality florist. Most people can put together some sort of floral bunch, but floristry is much more than bouquets. TAFE is a great pathway to start in the industry and helps a beginner get a greater knowledge of floristry."

The Little Bohmeia


Matthew Landers Academy

Perth, WA

Matthew Landers Academy is an International Award-Winning Floristry School in Perth, Western Australia. As the largest Floristry training provider in Western Australia we focus on Beginner's Classes and courses as well as Industry Entry and Advanced Courses. Our students are widely recognised as successful Florists and Business Owners with a unique, progressive skill set. As a private provider, we're able to write our own training plans which allows us to focus on what Florists are truly going to "need to learn" to move forward in this industry. Our one-off classes for Beginners, see 300+ students each year who come to live their fantasy of 'playing with flowers'. Our diverse school, industry leading lecturers and beautiful premises, set us high above the other offerings in today's Marketplace.

Courses and fees:

The One-off classes start from $165 and Industry Courses start from $3,500. To view a full list of offerings (including costs) Click here

“Myself and colleague both completed the Industry Ready Course at Matthew Landers. The course is very fast paced and touches on the basics of design and is a great way to fast track learning into the industry.”

Floral State 

"We loved having Matthew personally teach us at his academy, we learnt all of the essentials to prepare us for a life in the floristry world. The academy is privately owned so it was a personal experience where we could see what was happening in his shop while we were being taught in the room next door. He also gives students the chance to do work experience with his team on large scale events, so you know you can get hands on experience as soon as you graduate. “

Georgia & Kim
Sir Botanical


Marjorie Milner College

Melbourne, Victoria & Tasmania

Marjorie Milner College was founded by the late Marjorie Milner in  1946. It is the longest operating Floristry School in Australia and now functions as Marjorie Milner College with Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty Therapy Courses in Melbourne.

The nationally accredited scope of training for the College covers many facets of Floristry at the Melbourne Campus in Surrey Hills. The function of the College, is to train students in the skills associated with the craft of their industry and to learn retail and selling skills.

MM College is passionate about providing exceptional education with all courses. In 2012 the College was approved as a Vet Provider and it now capable of giving students VET FEE HELP loans (now Vet Student Loans) for Diploma level qualifications.

Floristry also delivers two block release classes each year held in Tasmania at both Hobart and Launceston. Marjorie Milner College aims to provide quality training to all students that work part-time or full time (apprenticeships) in the creative fields in Melbourne, Victoria & Tasmania.

Courses and Fees:

College Based Course Type (1 year): $5,176.41

College Based Course Type (2 years): $10,800.00

College Based Course Type (1 year): $7,650.00

College Based Course Type (1 year): $7,755.00

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Box Hill Institute

Melbourne, Victoria

Box Hill Institute offer a Certificate II and III in Floristry for those starting out through to more advanced studies. These floristry courses provide you with the skills for items such as bunches, bouquets, and boxed arrangements. You will also learn floristry specifics focusing on stock, recognising and caring for flowers, as well as sourcing stock, floristry displays and merchandising.

They collaborate closely with industry such as their unique partnership with Interflora. As a student, you will gain experience through Flowers on Elgar, our professional florist operated by their students and open to the public. 

Courses & Fees:

Full fee: $11,794.00
Full time - 1 year (3 days per week)

Full fee: $6402.00
Full time - 6 months (3 days per week)

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“I completed certificate II in Floristry at Box Hill Institute which was 8 weeks full time. I then got an apprenticeship and completed certificate III which means I am a qualified Florist. The apprenticeship took three years and allowed me to learn on the job and get real business experience while TAFE gave me opportunities to work at The International Melbourne Flower and Garden show, demonstrate for Interflora, compete in many competitions and events and work with well-known Florists and Designers. TAFE also opens your eyes up to a wide range of floristry styles and construction methods that working in one shop or doing a short course can’t teach you.”

Flowers by Cassy


Flowers to Impress 

Toowoomba, QLD

Flowers to Impress offers nationally-accredited floristry training. They proudly deliver world-class education, professional courses, including traineeships and recreational classes. The school offers a range of courses from short courses for beginners to nationally-accredited qualifications.

Flowers to Impress is an inspirational and artistic Floristry School founded by a team of Master Florists and influenced by European Design. 

They run floristry courses in: Toowoomba (Their primary location), Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Canberra and online.

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“We were lucky to find you, and Flowers to Impress, as we ventured into our new business. Your creativity, inspiration, enthusiasm and love of flowers has made over past 6 months of learning, a bunch of new skills so enjoyable, informative and inspirational. We will miss sharing our Tuesday with you, but look forward to putting all the things you taught us into practice. All the best!!!”

Nikki & Marlene
Dalby Florist