At Bag a Bouquet we are very excited by the arrival of spring and the flurry of spring flowers into our florists. There’s no season like it to celebrate all things flowers. And not only does the unfolding of spring mean warmer weather, longer days and gardens thriving with colour, but did you know that September and October are also the peak birthday months?

There’s never been more of an excuse to treat a loved one or even yourself this spring. Shed thosewinter layers and add pops of colour to your life with a beautiful bunch from Bag a Bouquet. Are you sat inside an office for hours on end while the sun outside shines? Brighten up your stuffy pod with the fresh Classic floral bouquet from Melbourne Florist The Flower Shed.

As nature is brought to life in spring so too are flower bulbs. There’s nothing like having one of the most popular spring flowers, the tulip, to make your living room come alive with colour. Order a lavish bunch of Tulip Fields from Jodie McGregor Flowers today and watch your house reflect the new found warmth of spring.

Now, we are a fair way into September and there are so many spring flowers you really should keep your eyes open for – tulips, hyacinths and not forgetting daffodils, of course. We have come up with an assortment of your favourites and reviewed their meanings below so that you can send the message you intend with a beautiful bouquet.



No spring list would be complete without mention of the tulip. Tulips   are the most treasured and loved flower in the world. They are   symbolic of fame and love, although their meaning changes with   their colour. Red tulips are a declaration of true love, while yellow   evokes cheerful thoughts and friendship. Cream coloured tulips   mean, ‘I will love you forever’ and white symbolises heaven, purity   and newness. Purple spells out royalty and pink means affection   and caring. Orange stands for energy, passion and enthusiasm.

You really can’t go wrong with the tulip. Whether you want to   announce your undying love to a crush with red tulips or wish your best friend good luck with yellow, the tulip has you covered.


Fulfil your senses with the natural aromas of fragrant hyacinth this spring and your home will feel like heaven. For cooler floral tones the hyacinth is a very popular option in spring. In flower language, it symbolises sport or play and reflects constancy and sincerity. Probably an ideal flower for a gift to a long-time close friend.


As you are probably aware, there is a long list of orchid varieties. The Phalaenopsis or moth orchid is one of the most popular spring orchids. An ornamental plant, it represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. These beautiful blooms come in an assortment of colours including pink, purple, red, white, green, yellow and orange. Your best friend will beam when you give her orchids for her birthday or as a housewarming gift.


The daffodil could easily be the global emblem for spring. Daffodils are even a sign for the end of winter. Symbolising rebirth and new beginnings, this trumpet-shaped flower represents inspiration, inner reflection, vitality and forgiveness. You might give someone you admire a bouquet of daffodils or even buy yourself a large bunch to shower your living room in yellowy goodness.

Amaryllis Lily

The amaryllis is a wonderful addition to any bouquet. As they are so large and stunning in red theycall a lot of attention to themselves. It is no wonder they have come to symbolise pride, determination and radiant beauty. These lilies are perfect as a gift to cheer a friend up.


Striking in both shape and colour you can’t go wrong with the iris. Most commonly found in blue and purple, these stunning flowers peak from May to October. Regal in appearance, irises put on quite a show in any bouquet. It’s no wonder they are often linked to royalty. But they symbolise faith, wisdom and hope too, and in ancient Greece were planted on women’s graves to entice Goddess Iris to lead their loved ones to heaven. Today, irises are customarily used to show someone that you appreciate their friendship. They are a great gift to give someone who invites you over for dinner; compliments to the chef.

These are just a small few of the popular spring flowers. Spring really is the perfect season to send a loved one flowers, and it will positively brighten their day. If you are searching for the perfect spring floral arrangement browse through our bouquets by simply entering your delivery suburb into the prompt. Within a few clicks you will have ordered a stunning bouquet from our wide range of options at Bag a Bouquet.