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Need something more than “small,” but “large” sounds a little much? Well here’s your perfect medium!
This 15 stem beaut is just the right size to spread the love, man.
All bouquets are made within the Dope Florals aesthetic and incorporate all of the freshest, in-season blooms for optimum happiness.

Dope Bouquet – Medium
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Dope Florals is built on the idea of spreading joy!
Each Dope bouquet is unique and made to order using the freshest in season blooms possible. Our aesthetic is eccentric, happy and bright, using unique flowers for a wild Cali-inspired feel.

And all your blooms come completely guilt free, as everything we use to package the bouquets is 100% sustainable and biodegradable. Bouquets are wrapped in hessian cloth, tied with hessian string, and the stems are kept moist during delivery with water-soaked sustainably sourced and recycled paper towels, covered by a biodegradable bag made from corn. Even the hang tag is made from 100% recycled cardboard!

We are all about keeping the planet and it's humans happy :)

We deliver within 10km of Melbourne CBD Monday through Friday. 


Dope Florals

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