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A fishbowl shape glass jar, top open with lid

One Living plant

Decorative items

Gift packaging 


Jar Size:

16cm (H) x 18cm (D) approx.


Terrarium Care:

Ferns or indoor plants -

Enclosed terrarium: No direct sunlight, low water required, spray when there are no more water droplets seen on the lid

Open terrarium: No direct sunlight, spray a bit once a day on fern

Succulents or cactus -

No direct sunlight, natural airflow, low water required, spray once two weeks 

Fish Bowl Terrarium
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Wender Plant is a local crafty business based in Mascot, Sydney. It was established by a creative couple team who love the indoor living plants and care about the daily living and working environment. 

Wender plant does not only provide the unique pieces of the terrarium to your home and office also brings brilliant ideas for gift options. 

Wender plant is now doing fresh flower arrangements as well. From small posy to wedding bouquets, simple vase arrangements to corporate arrangements. Flower box and hamper as special gifts.

The business name "wender" came from husband and wife's name, Wendy & Derek. Just in case you are wondering why.

Office Delivery: Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.
Home Delivery: Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. Weekend 9am to 1pm



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