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Bag a Bouquet is to serve as a market hub for bouquet suppliers who want to showcase their artistic creations, reach a wider audience, and make extra revenue.

Bag a Bouquet does not hide suppliers from the customers. You are in control, by setting up your own storefront showcasing your bouquet creations, company logo, store address, business description, delivery details, reviews and direct social media links.

We want to be able to provide customers with one platform to discover and choose from a wide variety of bouquets available from local suppliers instead of having to spend copious amount of time searching for that perfect creation and we want to support you the supplier by giving you space to list your own designs, setting your own costs and marketing your products to existing and new customers Australia wide.

How It Works

List Products on your bag a bouquet store
We market your Products to potential customers
Customers order and pay through our checkout
we let you know when you have a new order
You prepare and deliver directly to the customer
Bag a bouquet pays you!


-The best services for you-

  • We connect suppliers directly with customers
  • Suppliers have their own online storefront consisting of original bouquet designs and prices
  • Customers know who their bouquets are delivered by, and suppliers know who their customers are.
  • We market to our customers on your behalf
  • No contracts and no hidden fees
  • Receive 90% of the sale & invest 10%

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